What’s it like to live in a place that cannot be saved?



The climate crisis is here. 

Despite global preventative efforts, our climate - and our relationship to it - faces unprecedented change within the coming decades. There are communities around the globe that will become uninhabitable within the lifetimes of their current residents. Loss is inevitable.

Envisioned as a series, Vanishing seeks to acknowledge this harsh reality and preserve the stories, ways of life and emotional truths of communities in existential danger.

This is intended as a historical document as well as a film series.

Our First Episode

Our opening episode is set in Southern Louisiana, the first state in the United States to designate certain communities to be “lost” (as per the LA SAFE report of 2019.)

These communities will no longer receive state funds and resources to prevent sea level rise, and their citizens are recommended to relocate in the years to come.

 The state is  losing nearly a football field’s worth of land every hour.

No one will be forced to leave. Many will stay until they no longer physically can.


The Series

Each episode of Vanishing will be approximately 30 minutes in length, focusing on one specific region in direct threat.

We seek to capture lives on the frontlines: individuals whose homes sit on the borderline of habitability. Interviews with these residents will inform the narratives of each episode. Some individuals we will follow in greater depth, utilizing their roles and professions to garner pieces of a community mosaic as well as an understanding of their individual issues. There will be no host. We must allow these communities to tell their own stories.

We are running out of time. Our focus is on populations that are likeliest to face permanent relocation in the near future, within two decades at most.

Communities in coastal regions, areas of extreme heat and aridity, lands reliant on tundra and ice, breadbaskets turned to dust bowls… These urgently threatened locales and their people are our subjects.

These communities are often impoverished or working class — their livelihoods in peril. Through a lens of intimacy, we will grasp the raw realities of these individuals’ inherently dramatic lives, intercut with footage of their environments and visualizations of their encroaching climate-driven threats.


We must allow these communities to tell their own stories.

Exposing these emotionally rooted perspectives, we not only seek to relate the uniquely human reactions to extreme climate change, but also to honor and preserve peoples’ heritage, culture and lives. Let’s see through their eyes — through the nostalgia of youth to the wisdom of age, memories of places already destined to be lost yet which are still here — with the setting as much of a character as the individuals themselves.

For the locales, our role is as archivists. Anticipating how our descendants would want to see places they can no longer visit, we will capture the environments with a sense of both intimacy and voyeurism. How would the future want to preserve the past?

This is not a debate on climate science — we will undoubtedly meet individuals who do not trust scientific expertise. This is an important, vanishing opportunity to respect communities in crisis, preserve their ways of life and allow their inhabitants to authentically speak their piece.


How would the future want to preserve the past?


Future Episodes

Each episode of Vanishing will investigate an individual biome, a representative of
universal issues tackling different communities around the globe.